Event Overview

Safety has many faces and plays a major role when developing a sustainable economy, especially in a challenging, growing nation like Nigeria. The Safety of lives and property is beyond the four walls of your house or business.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) is an extremely important issue, especially in light of recent bombing attacks, kidnapping, and herdsmen threats on communities across the country. Nigerians need proactive commitment to ensuring the safety of lives and property.

The latest ILO estimates show that safety remains a major global concern. Urgent action is required to reverse this trend of workplace accidents and diseases, reliance on benefits, early retirement, exclusion from the labour market, the loss of a breadwinner and poverty.

  • Over 2 million people die around the world every year as a result of their work.
  • Every day around 1,000 people go out to work in the morning or evening and simply don't return home because they die in occupational accidents.
  • Non-fatal occupational accidents have increased to over 300 million per year.
  • The global economic cost of occupational accidents and diseases represent 4% of the global gross domestic product (GDP).
  • The increasing human, economic and social burden of unsafe society, workplace accidents, diseases and fatalities on the land and air has urged the emerging of this year's conference theme: "SAFETY¬† -Unveiling a New Light¬† in a Challenging Economy"

    Sub Themes:

  • SAFETY- a fundamental human right
  • FIRE- How safe is the Nigerian markets
  • Threat Alert- Be safety Driven
  • Be Security Conscious, Subscribe to SAFETY
  • Safety Challenges and opportunities in emerging economy
  • How to create a safe and healthy workplace environment
  • "Nigerians, let us connect to save our lives and properties, it should be our major concern"

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