Nigeria's SAFEST Company Awards 2016
…Total Recognition for Best Safety Practice!

  Nigerian Safest Awards 2016

The Nigeria's Safest Company Awards 2016 recognise companies who have achieved innovation and strategic safety goals and have achieved injury and illness rates lower than average for their industries..

To be considered one of the Safest Companies in Nigeria, organizations must demonstrate:

  • Support from management and employee involvement
  • Innovative solutions to safety challenges
  • Injury and illness rates lower than the average rate
  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Evidence that prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process
  • Good communication about the value of safety
  • OSHAssociation has set up this award to encourage Nigerian companies/organizations in improving safety culture in their workplace.

    Awards and Recognition is one of the vital and recognised keys of promoting safety in the industry.

    Quality of Awards

  • All Awards are products of Terry berry, Europe
  • 'Made in the UK' Glass Awards
  • This Award Champions British Manufacturers, the Best of British Award Product.
  • Award Benefits

    Value: Our Award delivers great Return on Investment through special recognition in the industry by stakeholders and your potential clients.

    Professionalism: The award creates positive changes in performance, attitude and behaviour that greatly benefit organisational reputation and frequent outcomes from employees of companies.

    Global Standard: The Award showcases the company's best practices globally and compliance to occupational safety and health standards.

    Talent: Corporate Awards unlock potentials, develop expertises and increase talent management opportunities.

    Nigeria's Safest Company Award Highlights

  • Increases competitive advantage among others in the industry
  • Recognises individuals' achievements
  • Increases employees' expertise
  • Gives proven return on investment
  • Results in measurable business improvement
  • Offers interactive company profile upgrade
  • NOTE:

  • This Award is OPEN to international and local companies/organizations in Nigeria.
  • For more information on Award Application, contact us:

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