OSHAssociation Conference 2016

An increasing number of organizations, both private and public sectors are realizing that investing in safety and health can have a positive impact on their bottom line. By caring for their employees and promoting a healthier and safer workforce, these organisations are future-proofing their business activities and benefiting from real returns on their investment.

By participating in this year's conference, your organization has the opportunity to be involved in technical sessions, having access to full packed information and up to date current thinking, best practice and legislation relating to health, safety, security and Environment.

Today there are many demands on your time but our safety and life comes first, learning the latest HSSE techniques to ensure sustainability in business should be given time too. Make it your priority this year to invest in your future at OSHAssociation International Safety Conference, be part of the movement to make a positive change for the safety of Nigerians.

The 6th OSHAssociation International Safety Conference and Awards 2016 will inspire new practices, new possibilities and new changes in the heart of every participant to make Nigeria a safer place for all.

You will have the opportunity to engage with outstanding keynote speakers, HSSE updates from various government regulators, interactive breakout sessions, questions and answers with the experts etc. We're offering all this for a very COMPETITIVE REGISTRATION FEE.

We promise you a wonderful impacting experience – vibrant and volatile – with no apologies for taking you out of your comfort zone!

I urge you to book your seat now.

See you at the CONFERENCE!

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